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Onboarding Resources for Managers

Onboarding at TCNJ is the process through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge and behaviors to become effective and successful members of the campus community. The Onboarding process is much more than an orientation program and consists of six to twelve months of information sharing, training, mentoring, and coaching throughout the employee’s transition.

We encourage you to utilize the Onboarding Checklist to guide your new employee during their first few weeks at the College.


Resources for Onboarding Employees

  1. Use this Onboarding Checklist to lead you through the steps to orient your new employee. We encourage innovation in your approach to onboarding, so please feel free to be creative.
  2. Working Test Period: In accordance with the New Jersey Civil Service Commission regulations, all new classified employees (CWA, IFPTE, NJSPBA, NJLESA, NJSOA), are required to serve a working test period for the duration of four months, with the option for a two-month extension, dependant on performance.
    1. For more information on the Classified Employee Working Test Period procedures, please contact the Human Resources Classification & Compensation unit.

Manager Resources for Employee Retention

  1. Click here for learning content to support you during the onboarding journey and beyond:
    1. Learning and Development Courses and Videos
    2. The Value of a Buddy
    3. Onboarding: The First 90 Days
    4. You are encouraged to view the LinkedIn Learning presentation for Onboarding a New Employee: Onboarding a New Employee
    5. Using the “Stay Interview” As a Tool
    6. Performance Management: Improving Employee Performance

Schedule for New Hire Orientation

    1. For questions or assistance regarding onboarding for your new employee, please contact the Office of Human Resources here, or check out our calendar of events.